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Hook-up & Commissioning of offshore platforms:
Our teams of engineers and support staff take over when the installation contractors leave. We undertake the intricate work of hooking up and commissioning of the various systems on the offshore platforms to carrying out the interconnections of the process systems, the electrical & instrumentation systems, structural modifications & structural fabrication, piping including special alloys & hydro testing, mechanical equipment installation, fire fighting, shut down systems & test systems, accommodation and associated services. Duke Offshore has a track record of completing every hook-up project ahead of schedule, always maintaining the highest quality and safety standards.

Platform maintenance, repair & modifications:
Our teams of engineers & support staff carry out offshore platform maintenance & repair work on a continuous bases.

Inspection Services:
Keeping in view the Company's specialisation in Hook-up & Commissioning, several Clients have requirements for inspection services for monitoring the work in progress on offshore platforms, for Inspection of installation work, for load out of structures and equipment and sea fastening them on the barges. Duke Offshore has over 25 engineers specialised in inspection services.

Structural fabrication & process piping:
Having specialised in offshore platform structural work and process piping, the company has carried out similar work for refineries including revamping and shut down maintenance projects. Some of the structures fabricated include large structures like RCO furnaces, all piping work for the ethylene II plant at a Greenfield refinery project.

Diving Services:
Our Air & Saturation divers are working for inspection, Maintenance & repair (IMR) of subsea structures, maintenance & operations of SBMs & SPMs, rig diving support and ship’s hull cleaning and repair.

Marine Management and DP vessel operations & management:
Our Marine Division provides management & operations of offshore support vessels, offshore barges and DP vessels including DP II operations on MSVs and DSVs for diving operations.

Force Protection Services:
With the increase of risks associated with terrorist attacks world wide, the Company has set up a Division to provide Force protection services to offshore structures, offshore process complexes and coastal installations.